Odds and Ends

Wow. October already. Jesus, where does the time go?

We are gliding into Halloween, then it will be time to carve the turkey, and then J’s first Christmas will be upon us.

Did I already say wow?

It’s Tuesday morning. J is napping while I enjoy some down time, coffee, internet, and of course, I figured it would be a great time to blog a little. I need to remind myself that blogging doesn’t have to be an epic entry. I can also bore you with the mundane.

Swim lessons have gone better than I could have ever expected. We went with Infant Swim Resource, where the focus is on RESCUE, and while it’s not cheap ($600 for six weeks), how can  you put a price on water safety? I refuse to think about what might happen if J were ever exposed to water and didn’t have these skills. We are in the final week, and the progress is amazing. We have watched J go from initial curiosity, crying and protesting each lesson, to silence and actual SMILES during her float. I’ll admit, I beam with pride after each lesson.

As for me, work is work. I could complain, but I won’t. It’s two nights per week and allows me the luxury of being home with J during the week. We’ll just leave it at that.

Looking forward to Christmas. Tyler will be here. My boy will be with me for the holiday. This will be the first Christmas we have spent together since I moved in 2010. To say I am excited is a ridiculous understatement. We are going to do it all up right. A tree, trimming, the requisite holiday tv shows, presents. Hell, I might even try some egg nog this year. It’s gonna be great….

Okay. That’s enough for today. Plus, I need to go refill my coffee.


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