A Spork In The Road

Just when you thought you had it all figured out.

Here comes Life, and Life asks you,

“Do you wanna take the path to the left, or the path to the right? Because you can’t have both.”

Decisions, decisions.

Funny thing that Life.

Notice the title of this post uses the casual vernacular of “spork”. That’s because I think even the weightiest of decisions have soft edges. It’s not always sharp, cutting and stark. Most of Life’s decisions resemble a spork. Sharp in the middle, but soft and rounded on the edges.

Many of the decisions that are made in Life are difficult. Rocky. Scary. But, ultimately…..


Don’t be that person that settles for less than what you really want. Please don’t. I’ve said it many of my past blog posts that life is precious and way too fucking short to be stuck in a situation that is less-than-ideal. Do YOU want to wake up in ten years, only to be greeted by the same beige life that you said goodnight to a decade ago?

I didn’t think so.

Neither do I.

So CHOOSE. And when you choose, do it with gusto, do it with every fiber of your being, do it with the knowledge that the path you choose is the right one. The right path for YOU, although perhaps not everyone else. In the beginning, the path may be lonely, and you will see who joins you in the journey and who simply wasn’t up for the challenge. Big decisions in Life can be that way. They can weed out the unnecessary clutter, the insignificant noise, the people who didn’t really engage in your Life, but rather sat on the sidelines, taking you for granted and allowing Life to simply pass them by. Don’t despair. These people may miss you in the beginning, but they will fall back into their usual routines, find comfort there and

Move on.

I don’t have all the answers, but the ones I do have are ones in which I feel very confident. They might not be popular. They might be painful for some, but in the end they are answers to the questions that perhaps I was meant to ask all along.

So, to answer your question, Life,

“Yeah. I’m choosing a path that leads me in the direction I was meant to travel all along.”


One thought on “A Spork In The Road

  1. Old Mole says:

    I wasn’t aware you had a blog, but now that I do, (especially if this post is representative) I will have to read it back to front. Well Said.

    Best wishes,


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