Those We Leave Behind

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least spend a little blog time about the man I shared a life with in Soledad. In some ironic way, he is also a part of Life 2.0 that was mentioned in an earlier post.

Allow me to introduce you to Wayne. A.K.A. “Kooter”, “V.P” or “A.J”. Yeah, one might think he has a lot of aliases, but trust me, they are well-deserved nicknames and all have their place.

I’ll refer to him as Wayne.

While things between Wayne and I didn’t work out in the end, he will always remain a special part of my life. He is a good man, capable of not only good things, but great things. While it may seem uncomfortable to think of it, I want only the best woman to share his life in the future. A better woman than me. A great woman. A woman that will give him all the things I was unable to give him in the end.

Babies. Lots of them. A deep and true love. A sincere, honest and loving relationship.

This man deserves nothing less.

I am lucky to not only have shared a part of his life, but I remain lucky that we are friends.

Be well, love hard, live harder, never settle and know that you made this woman feel special which allowed her to go on to have all that her heart desires.

And remember, Wayne:

You got this.





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