23 weeks and 26.2 miles

And so it begins.

Today is day #1 of marathon training. Not just for me, but for my boyfriend. My 7th marathon. His first.

Decided to set out earlier this morning to beat the impending heat. Did 5 decent miles. My boyfriend decided to wait until after he woke up from his sleep, as he worked night shift last night. When he hit the road, it was a balmy, cool 85 DEGREES. I was skeptical to say the least.

He left the house, and gave me strict instructions to come fetch him if he didn’t return within an hour and 15 minutes. I looked at the clock, kissed him and wished him well.

He was off.

I sat down at the computer and busied myself with some various mundane web surfing, keeping one eye on the clock.

The door opened. I glanced at the clock. “he’s only been gone about 45 minutes”, I thought. I was indeed correct.

My boyfriend strode in, sweaty, looking tired, yet accomplished.

His very first day of marathon training: 5.13 miles in 47:30 with a 9:15/mile pace.

Let the games begin.