It’s Not Easy

I have to be honest.

Some days it’s really difficult to be a Resistor in this new administration, but then something as stupid as the Mar-a-Lago debacle occurs, and then I’m literally reborn.

I don’t have much luck getting Trump supporters to defend his actions, so I’m not even going to bother soliciting their opinions, as they’ve likely blocked my regular posts, critical of their savior.

What I WILL do is continue to call out this ass-clown every single opportunity I get.

Come on, people. Does it really take a genius to figure out that perhaps when you receive news that relates to national security during dinner, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, you should excuse yourself? Does it? I’m simply blown away by the complete lack of knowledge this supposed President has for things that require his attention. There’s a really good reason that people with experience in governing typically end up being relatively good politicians.


Because, they probably know that when national security is involved, you shouldn’t take a call on your unsecured Android phone within earshot of complete strangers and those without security clearance, you shouldn’t crash a wedding party in the ballroom next door, posing for photos with the bride and her wedding attendants, and you probably shouldn’t allow the man carrying the nuclear football to pose for a selfie.

I’m seriously incredulous at those who continue to defend this dangerous idiot. Every. Single. Day. We are subjected to his complete disregard of democracy on a daily basis. We are subjected to his unchecked and unrelenting mental illness on a daily basis. We are the ones who pay the ultimate price for his complete lack of experience on a daily basis.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either complicit in his crimes or simply unable or unwilling to think for themselves.

There. I feel better. For now.