About The Author

40-something nurse, runner, mom, wino, atheist, and fun ambassador. Firm believer in living THIS life to the fullest, rather than spend precious moments pondering what comes after.

I live, therefore, I blog.


2 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. I can appreciate where you stand and I believe that when we believe something, it should be whole-heartedly. Now, I am a Christian and I believe also in living this life to the fullest and getting the most out of what this world can give us…but I believe that what makes it so beautiful IS what we don’t know…because we don’t know what comes after, we live life everyday to the fullest extent…it’s what we believe that enhances that life…I believe that after I’ve lived and seen all here, that after I will just keep on doing the same upstairs…I hope you won’t take this as a Christian “pouring out” because I really hate that…I believe in sharing life, love and faith…I’m not a converter or “maker-doer”…I believe in sharing what I feel makes life beautiful, which is positivity…hope and love…I truly hope that you will find the beauty and faith in the unknown…

    I’ll be following…


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