You’ve Been Warned

In case anyone wasn’t already aware, I’m quite vocal in my disgust for President-Elect Donald Trump. In this final week of what can only be described as an administration like no other, I find myself becoming increasingly concerned as an American citizen.

I am dismayed at the veracity the GOP possesses to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, acting with impunity and swiftness without providing a single meaningful replacement. I am concerned at the indifference shown to a President-Elect who refuses to untangle himself from the glaring conflicts of interest that lie within his businesses. I am disappointed that segments of the American citizenry possess virtually no concern for their fellow men and women.

But, most of all, I am saddened that a hateful, bigoted segment of the American populace has somehow gained a voice. I am upset that work towards reducing mass incarceration, abolishing institutional and systemic racism, and efforts to promote social justice will now be squashed and vilified.

Make no mistake, Facebook friends and family: Donald Trump doesn’t inspire me directly, but his hateful rhetoric and ignorance does inspire me to continue to speak out against hate and discrimination. I will spend the next several years calling out injustice wherever I see it, never allowing the hate he espouses to gain a foothold in my community.

I will continue to speak loudly against Donald Trump, and I will not back down. Until the President-Elect shows me in an unequivocal manner that he represents equality, I will remain vigilant.

And, I’ll probably say the word ‘fuck’ a whole lot more during the next four years. You’ve all been warned.



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