MAM Fam No More

Another milestone here. This one is a big one. As any parent can attest, this one is a huge fucking deal. 

We bid the binky a fond farewell. Good riddance. See ya. Later gator. Buh bye. 

Five days ago after a visit to the dentist, the decision was made. While I admit, I felt as if I might cave in certain situations, daddy was adamant and firm. I knew how much comfort Julia had always gotten from her nipple-shaped silicone fix. I was nervous, but daddy was resolute. 

Those fuckers were bound for the trash.  

I went off to work for two nights and left the brunt of the work of binky detox to hubby. 

He rocked it. 

Cold turkey. 

Our daughter couldn’t care less that her once-beloved binks are now gone. She didn’t even bat an eye over this new normal. 

I honestly have no idea how we got so damn lucky, but I’ll take it. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing more of our daughter’s beautiful smile instead of a mouth full of plastic. 



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