Missouri Mommy

Last we met, I was on the cusp of leaving California. Since my last entry, we have settled in nicely to our new digs here in the Show Me State, and I have to be honest about something.

I don’t miss California.

At all.

Wait. I miss the friends I made and the few family members there, but other than that?


I bid my job a fond farewell around the first part of March, and I would be lying if I said I missed it. I just don’t. Knowing that some of my former colleagues may read that sentence and take note, I still have to be honest. Working for my current employer is much more fulfilling, albeit less lucrative, than working as a nurse manager. Zero regrets. I learned a lot in the past few years as a nurse and nurse manager, and the biggest thing I walked away from is knowing that I needed to step away from nursing entirely to gain a new perspective and hopefully a better attitude about my profession.

I’ll just leave it at that.

As for my new job? It’s awesome. No set hours. No dress code. No traffic jams. No call lights, either. Is it awesome every day? Well, fuck no. No job is awesome EVERY day. It has its challenges, like any other job, but fortunately the challenges are fleeting and few in between. Julia is a great boss. No complaints there. I am constantly reminded of the time I stayed home with my son, who is now 16 years old. It was great then, and it’s great now. I find myself reminiscing at times to those days years ago with my son, and it never fails to make me smile.

I’m still in the honeymoon phase with being a HOME renter, as well. I wake up every day, surrounded by SPACE, and a wonderful home that I can’t believe we had the good fortune of finding. Life has a funny way of working out, and this was the best punchline yet. I never tire of the chores, the cleaning, the little things. It’s all worth while. Keeping a home has never been high on my list of priorities, but now it has become less work and more satisfying. I love that.

Don’t even get me started on the excitement that ensued after the delivery of my brand new washer and dryer. I fear if I expound upon their merits, some may move to commit me. Needless to say, it’s a deep love.

So, dear reader, life is good. Very good. I am closer to family, surrounded by new friends, and enjoying the adventure of not only a new full-time role as CEO of the Ford Family Homestead, but the comfort of knowing that we made the right decision by leaving California.

And, it feels pretty damn good.


Me and my boss.


One thought on “Missouri Mommy

  1. Princess Scooterpie/Moto_Diva says:

    So glad you’re liking you’re new digs! i am equally as thrilled that your boss is so awesome! I admit to those same feelings about my new washer and dryer when i got them, I sat in front of it and watched the clothes get clean, man life has changed when you find such a thrill from a washer and dryer. it truly is amazing though when when you get new laundry technology. Woot for the washer & dryer!

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