Well, hello 2015.

Just checked the date of my last entry.


Jesus. I suck at this whole blogging thing. I keep saying I’m going to blog more, and poof. Months and months pass. Does it count that I have really great intentions?


Here we are in the new year with birthdays approaching. One for my son in a week’s time and another for my daughter in less than a month. Wow. I’ll soon be the mother of both a 16-year old, and a 1-year old. That’s some crazy shit.

To follow up on the sleep post that happened to be the topic of my last entry, I am happy to report that we found our way out of that sleepless forest and found our happily sleeping baby once again. She now routinely sleeps 12 hours each night, and up until yesterday was napping nicely twice per day. She’s been practicing a lot of new skills that keep her wanting to practice near constantly, so naps? Nah. Not so much in the afternoon. We’ll see if that’s a phase or not. I’m just happy that the sleepless insomniac baby has been replaced by this one. I like this model much better.

Life is good. No complaints. I’m still lucky enough to work only two night shifts per week on the weekends, which allow me five days per week to be with my daughter. It’s not a bad gig. My ‘full-time boss’ may be small, but she’s mighty. The pay sucks, but the dividends are great.

Kudos to my husband who achieved a new work certification. He just keeps on kicking ass and taking names.

Looking forward to spring and our first trip to Hawaii. Heading to Kauai in April. Can’t wait to kick back, unplug, unwind, and relax. Bring on the tropical drinks, warm breezes, and beautiful sunsets.

Until the next great thought strikes, I leave you with this:



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