Long Time, No Blog

I can’t make any promises regarding the quality of this post, but I’ve been away for so long, I felt I owed at least an attempt at writing.

So much going on with life. Where to start.

The year began with my new job continuing to show me the best and the worst of nursing and management. I love my new job. I didn’t love my lack of orientation. I finally got vocal about it, and as a result, have been invited to help onboard future assistant managers. I honestly don’t want anyone to have as difficult a time as I did. This position is simply much too important to let it be neglected.

My wonderfully handsome and talented other half has been busy finishing up his MSF RiderCoach training, and after next weekend, he will be certified to teach people how to ride motorcycles. Wow. I think I’ll let him practice on me, since I haven’t ridden in almost an entire year. Yeah. It’s really been that long.

I’ve just been living the proverbial dream. Great job, great home, great son, great cat, great man, and great life. It truly couldn’t get any better than it is right now. I have to stop several times a day and remind myself just how lucky I am.

Looking forward to seeing my mom next month as I travel to Florida to attend my cousin’s wedding. It’s been much too long since I have spent some good, quality time with my mama. I miss her. I miss her cynical sense of humor and constant inability to say the word ‘specific’ and ‘recognizance’. It still makes me laugh.

My son will be visiting again in August, and this year will mark the shortest trip yet for him. He chose to only visit for a week. Now, while I could sit and bemoan this fact, I have come to the realization that he’s a teenager, and most 14-year old boys don’t really wanna hang out with their mom for long stretches of time. Plus, he started his first job as a golf caddy, and he will have a busy summer. I can respect that. We will make the week he is here as quality as possible. He’ll love it. Plans for his visit include a nighttime trip to Alcatraz and the Rocket Boat. Per the teen’s request.

Otherwise, life goes on.

I’m feeling very serene, introspective, and genuinely happy. I can’t recall the last time I have felt such a good sense of calm and healthy perspective.

It’s a nice place to be.


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