Clearing the Christmas Air

‘Tis the season.

The time has come for me to deal with questions like, “Do atheists celebrate Christmas?” or “What do you believe in?” or “Do you exchange presents?”

And the answers are ‘yes’, ‘I believe I’ll have another martini’, and ‘yes’.

Invariably, atheists are asked each and every holiday season exactly how we can celebrate this time of year. I usually just chuckle to my heathen self and smile. I’m not into long, drawn-out debates about secularism, theism, atheism, religion, or lack thereof, but suffice it to say that I enjoy the holidays just as much as the next person who may set up that plastic nativity scene in the front yard alongside my inflatable Santa.

When the question is posed, I’ll simply refer to this:


This post isn’t meant to ignite debate, but it is meant to clarify those oft-asked questions.

And possibly impart a bit of humor and understanding. Yes, I’m atheist, and yes, I love Christmas. (I can already hear my mother, as she clucks her Catholic tongue at me while texting, ‘Lisa, why do you do this?’) It’s ok, mom. Light a candle for me.

And pass the eggnog.


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