Life Is Random

Two businessmen just walked in. The music playing is something between jazz and swing. Most people didn’t even notice either of the prior two items.

It’s just another day in the city. My city. My favorite city.

No real ‘topic’ for today’s blog post, per se, but isn’t life a topic?

Let’s see….today is 10-11-12. For you numbers freaks, this is probably a huge deal. For others, it’s just another day. For me, it’s probably somewhere in between. I’m sitting here in quite possibly my favorite city on earth, San Francisco, while I enjoy the atmosphere at my favorite Starbucks on Montgomery St. Nothing earth-shattering for sure, but nonetheless exciting for me. Obviously, I’m not working today, so having gone a few weeks between city fixes, I absolutely HAD to come here for the afternoon. No itinerary. No reason. No motive. Just desire. Plain and simple.

The Giants are on the cusp of a post-season victory. The city seems more excited than usual at this prospect. While I am not what I would ever describe as a baseball fan, I can appreciate it when a team does well, and their fans rally. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s a decent reason for their fans to celebrate a wee bit too much tonight.

Horns honking outside. People cheering randomly.

I’ll take that as a Giants victory.

Sam Cooke just started playing on the piped-in Starbucks musical randomizer.

“….it’s been a long time comin’, but I know that change gonna come. Yes it will…..”

Speaking of change, it would appear that summer has finally bid us a fond farewell. It was great fun while it lasted. Long days of sunshine, welcome warmth, pleasant evenings spend outside with James and a cocktail in hand, watching the sun set. Summer, I’ll always love you, but Autumn has decided to cut in front of you in the seasonal line. Crisp mornings, overcast skies, leaves crunching underfoot, the sight of your breath in the late evening after sunset.

I used to almost dread the advent of Autumn, but since moving to California, I greet her with open arms. Why? Because I know that snow won’t be soon to follow. I can appreciate her beauty knowing she isn’t the harbinger of the past Winters Of My Discontent.

I’ve recently discovered a new love.


A friend introduced me to this newfound pursuit last week. She invited me to join her on an organized hike near our home. I was pleasantly surprised. I even signed up solo for another hike yesterday. Another wonderfully beautiful trek to the top, coupled with the feeling of determination and accomplishment at the summit. If you’re reading this, and you’ve never gone hiking, stop reading. Find somewhere to go. A forest, a trail, a park, a mountain, a hillside. Lace up your hiking boots. Leave your iPod at home. Let go of all the complexities of life, and allow yourself to truly be present in the moment.

The smell of pine trees. The sweet odor of a forest floor. The sound of birds chirping. The sun shining in between the leafy canopy. The rustle of leaves as an unknown resident treks through the landscape. The feeling of moving through this world with your own two feet to carry you forward.

Yeah. It’s pretty fucking awesome. And I’m glad my friend talked me into joining her. I look forward to several more hikes.


We are less than a month away from electing the President. Needless to say, James and I have already cast our ballot via U.S. Mail, so that’s one less thing to worry about. I won’t say much more than that about the current state of the political world. The only other thing I will say is this: vote. Regardless of the candidates, please, please take a moment on November 6th to exercise your very right to vote. The time you spend complaining about any candidate could be better spent inside a polling place. Remember: don’t complain if you don’t vote.


I’ve really been enjoying this blog of late. Truth be told, I’ve always loved to write, but now I feel more of a connection with my little online journal. Maybe it’s because I can always turn back the virtual page and be reminded of where I was when a certain post was written. Maybe it’s because I can always use my blog as an outlet to expand upon certain thoughts. Maybe it’s more about the sheer act of writing and not so much about the topic.

Which may explain today’s post.

And so I write. I write amidst the aroma of espresso, the sounds of idle chatter, the sights of a bustling city as I look up and out the windows.

Until we meet again….


4 thoughts on “Life Is Random

  1. Kathy Hough says:

    Lisa, I didn’t know what a good writer you are! I went for a walk with the dogs today and the colors were awesome and the wind was blowing little leaf filled swirls. I think I felt a little of what you felt on your hike. Have to admit I’m jealous of your take on winter tho!

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