A Lesson In Humility

Five days. 18.81 miles.

I have completed my first week of serious running after a long hiatus. I have one word to describe how I feel. 


This body has been ignored for a while now. Even when I was doing CrossFit semi-regularly, I could tell that I wasn’t putting the ‘umph’ into it and had plateaued. I was stagnating. My workout routine had fizzled. That cardiac procedure that I keep threatening to write about fell smack-dab into the middle of the summer. 

Things just weren’t clicking.

Enter running. Running and I have been wonderfully reunited. See prior post for all the sappy details. But, one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the transformation a body can make in a short amount of time. 

Let’s discuss.

My thighs.

I’ve never been a woman blessed with svelte or slender thighs. I am packed tightly into my 5’4″ frame. My quads have never been described as ‘delicate’. I wish. While they are big, they are powerful, and I am constantly amazed at how they carry me forward as I run. Even as they lay dormant for the past several weeks, and as I wake them up with the jarring motion of running, they respond. They may protest initially, and greet me with extra bounce and jiggle, but they settle in and remember the rhythm.

Ah. The rhythm of running. The sheer motion of putting one foot in front of the other and repeating this ad infinitum. It just never gets old. Or less wondrous. I still can well up at the mere thought of the beauty and simplicity of…..just…..running.

My boobs.

Oh my. These babies have seen it all, really. Puberty, childbirth, a half-hearted attempt at breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss, and gravity. Gravity sucks. While this journey may begin with two sport bras, I’m quite certain that months from now, I will be shedding one.

My knees.

My knees have always been a source of concern. I don’t have great ones, and I know they won’t get any better. I baby them. I do my best not to shock them out of hibernation, but yes, this week has been a rude awakening for them both. We get out of bed in the morning a little slower, but also knowing that as each day passes, the pain will be replaced with strength and determination to get the day’s job done.

My feet.

Oh, the beauty and joy of runner’s feet. I can already feel the transformation here, and soon so will my pedicurist. (Must remember to tip more as the weeks pass…..)

This body is still capable of a transformation. I believe it. I know it. I’ve seen what it can do. I am humbled by what I can accomplish. This body will never allow me to take it for granted. I know this from this past week of waking it from its long slumber of sedentary sleep. She doth protest, but she carries me where I want to go. 

When I first laced up my first pair of running shoes back on June 1, 2005, I was tipping the scales at 165+ lbs. When all was said and done, and the holiday season approached, I was 110+ lbs. Six months. A six months I will never forget. I literally watched my body transform and change. I remember that sweet feeling.


And I want it back.



9 thoughts on “A Lesson In Humility

  1. Elaine says:

    Do you run the entire time or combination of walk/run? I’ve tried jogging and just can’t get into it so I’ve resigned myself that I’ll always be a walker yet always feeling…I don’t quite measure up. Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. Beautiful post. As a former runner and then lifter, and then hiker, I can somewhat relate. When I got sick I stopped doing anything. Now that I’ve plateaued it’s time to get going and do what I can. Thanks Nurse!

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