I’m tired.

But, I’m happy.

Only now have I allowed myself a break to sit down, reflect, and write a bit on a more personal note.

Love is indeed grand. And busy.

In the months since I have made a life here in Marin, James and I have been living a life filled to the brim with fun. Let’s see. There have been quite a few activities and fun times like The Nutcracker, Disneyland at Christmas, New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, potluck fishing in San Francisco bay, camping, a trip to the Marin County Fair, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and countless weekends filled with visits with friends, motorcycle rides, and day trips.

On occasion, a friend will comment with something like, “Wow. You guys sure do keep busy.” or “You guys are always doing something fun.”

The only thing better than doing all these fun activities is having someone equally fun to share them with. I have finally met my match.

And I couldn’t be happier.

The best part of all? Down time. While most people dread the routine, ‘ordinary’ parts of every day life, James and I welcome it, and at times, crave it. The evenings we share a CrossFit workout, then come home, relax, share dinner, and unwind are the evenings we look forward to the most. I love that. I love enjoying and savoring those ‘ordinary’ moments, since I know they aren’t the norm for us. They are truly the exception. Down time doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a chance to take a breath, reset yourself, appreciate those quiet moments for what they are: a time to reflect on all the fun you’re having living life.

If there’s one thing I’m happiest about it’s that we live life. We don’t let life live us.

There’s a big difference.



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