Unapologetically Type B


That’s me.

I’m Type B, and I make zero apologies for it. It isn’t easy living in a Type A, multitasking world, but somehow I manage. I find myself surrounded by people who feel the need to clutter their lives with extra bullshit that often I wonder, “does this really add quality to your life?”

Probably not.

Example in point: I work part-time. VERY part-time. I am a 24-hour per week registered nurse. I work three nights every week, and literally no more. I am constantly bombarded by other nurses asking me why I don’t work more, why I choose to take a cancellation when it’s offered to me, and countless other questions.


Because my job is not my life. I am fortunate that I am able to work part-time and support myself and my son financially. I realize this. As a result, I feel lucky that I am able to have perhaps the best work/life balance I have ever been afforded in my entire life. Why the fuck would I rock that boat? Answer me this, oh workaholic, stressed-out, burning-the-candle-at-both-ends nurses?

In the end, I get it. I understand that everyone works to live, but


Alas, I also do not live to go back to school. Oh sure, I’ve toyed with the idea a time or two, but in the end, I always come to the same conclusion: do I want to incur massive amounts of (more) debt to get a degree that provides no guarantees to a more lucrative profession? No. Do I want to take more time away from home and friends and family in order to complete this task? No. The answer is always the same. A resounding NO.

Perhaps it is true that with age comes wisdom. I recently celebrated my 43rd year, and I have realized that I don’t foresee a change in my attitude anytime soon. I am firmly planted and rooted in my Type B status. I am so fiercely devoted to it, that I will do more to protect it than pick up an extra shift at work.


I live with passion. I live with gusto. I live with love. I live with simple joys and pleasures. And most importantly, I live knowing that I only have one shot at life, and I choose to make it as simple and as stress-free as I can make it. How? Easy.

Things that I derive great pleasure from, in no particular order: a good book, watching the sun rise or set, the feel of the sun on my skin, the sound of the waves as they crash into the shore, McDonalds french fries (health implications, be damned), coffee, good wine, spooning, s’mores, cats purring, my son’s laugh, and so many more I can’t recall as I type this.

If you’re one of those Type A people, stop today and remember ONE thing that YOU derive great pleasure from and enjoy it.

Keep it simple, stupid.



5 thoughts on “Unapologetically Type B

  1. VERY sensible!

    I had a flatmate who used to deliberately choose to stress herself out by going above and beyond at work, with zero recognition, and she’d commit to loads of social plans just for the sake of talking endlessly about how busy she was… I know she was looking down her nose at the fact I prefer to be picky with my social outings, and preference a good night’s sleep over a bursting activity calendar — but I simply choose to be very much in control of my life and to know my priorities well!

  2. I don’t consider myself Type A either and I’m very, very happy with that. I suppose there are some different Type A touchstones. The one I am put off by most is gratuitous competitiveness. People who look at every personal interaction as a negotiation, who play games with people they’re supposed to be cooperating with to “win” or have their way when it’s the team outcome that counts. I can’t stand that.

    It’s probably why I like golf so much. Yes, you are playing against someone else, another team, or the whole field, but your real opponent is the golf course or Old Man Par as we often say. I like winning a few bucks from my friends, but what I enjoy most is playing well. I’d rather play well, post a good score for me and lose a $5 to a friend than to play like crap and win.

    So, gimme a Type B knuckle-bump.. 🙂

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