Revel In Its Glory….

Today I found myself stepping on the scale. Something I haven’t done in almost 5 months.

I peered down.

I did a double-take.

The number on the scale was not what I really expected. Needless to say, I squealed. Yeah. I squealed, like a little kid on their birthday, when they see all their presents.

Deep down, I knew I had lost weight. I knew it. I felt it. Clothes fit differently, eating habits changed, and all that good stuff. It’s one thing to “think” it. It’s something completely to “see” it manifested on the scale.

The rest of today was spent happily trying on all those jeans that had sat neglected in the back of the closet. I was giggling like a teenager, getting ready for a date with the popular boy in school. Fun, silly, happy, drinking in the moment.

Tonight, I will lie naked in bed, tracing each curve, each scar, each stretch mark, each rise and fall of muscle and bone and yes: fat. I am constantly amazed at what we humans can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

We only get one chance at this thing we call life. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, muscular, fat, thick, thin, short or tall. You’re given the body you’re given. Savor it. Spoil it. Work it. Drink it in. Love it. Change it if you want, but always love it.

Stop spending time coveting what you don’t have. Spend more time loving the body you’re in, and if you wish to change it, do it. Don’t talk about it. Don’t waste time on a pity party that nobody wants to attend.

Make the change.

Live the life.

Revel in its glory….


One thought on “Revel In Its Glory….

  1. I’m a cyclist and I know about weight loss. I was 50: over-weight (240 lb) 27% body fat, 38 in waist. I looked bad and felt worse. I had a melt-down and decided I was going to change my body, eating habits and exercise more. I dusted off an old road bike and began a pretty grueling daily ritual of climbing a local Mtn. Within 12 months I lost 60 lbs. I’m 54 now. Weight 178. Waist:31-32 in. Body fat 8%. I eat a very healthy diet. I love the scales too.

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