Google+ vs. Facebook

Well, well… long last.

Something worthy to compete with Failbook, er, Facebook.

A smarter, cooler, more savvy social networking called Google+. Is it like Facebook? No. That’s what makes it so incredibly cool. It’s everything you would want Facebook to be, without the passive-agressive smarmy status updates, stupid game interfaces, and never-ending mundane details. Google+ rolled out to invitation-only users two weeks ago, and has since grown to over 10 million users. There’s a buzz out there, and we’re not talking Google Buzz. That is, thankfully, gone away.

Google+ just LOOKS smarter. ACTS smarter. User-interface is friendly, easy and fun to use. The Circles are the biggest draw for me. There are up to 5,000 customizable places you can put people. Make a Circle, call it whatever you wish, move people there. When you post a “status”, YOU decide who you want to see it by using the Circles.

Another nice feature: Sparks. Type in any topic/subject that interests you and BOOM. You are greeted with timely news, videos and tidbits pertaining to exactly what YOU want to see, rather than all you don’t.

There is a process to import Facebook contacts, but honestly, if you do that, I’m adding you to a newly-created Circle called IDIOT.

It’s all new. It’s fresh. It’s smart. It’s savvy. But, most importantly,

It’s NOT Facebook.


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