It would appear that I’ve let this blog go for a bit. Ugh. I always have the best intentions and then somehow, this happens. Okay, let’s do this again.

Wow. Summer is in full fucking swing. Amazing how time flies the older you get. I used to think this was bullshit, but I really believe it now. Yeah. The 24 hours in a day just literally zoom by and I find myself in the evenings thinking, “Shit. What did I do today?”

Work is still great. I can’t complain about making gobs of money for working 3 nights per week. My work/home life balance is absolutely perfect. I get plenty of long stretches at home, spending obscene amounts of time in our hot tub, doing domestic things (pink jobs, as I like to refer to them, and you feminists, BE DAMNED), and just enjoying all that home has to offer. So, maybe my job is great because I don’t work more. There could be some truth to that. I think that if more people had the opportunity to work less, make more, who wouldn’t jump at the chance?

Today a Facebook friend posted a link to her blog, with an entry thanking the nurses caring for her ill mother and all the other nurses out there. I literally got a huge lump in my throat when I read it. Fuck. Words like this always remind me why I do this for a living.

Oh, yeah. There’s a wedding in four months.


Let’s see….I’ve picked out a cake, bought my dress, lined up the venue, paid the photographer (shit, THAT’S not cheap) and will select a caterer this week. Maybe. Okay, so I’ve procrastinated to the point of panic. Whatever. Um, yeah, I’ve done this before. Twice before. Once was a huge, fancy affair coordinated by my mother, the second time was a trip to City Hall. I guess I’m less than Type A about such things.

Honestly? I’d rather just go to Vegas and elope. Come back on 11/11/11 and have a kick ass party.


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