Have You Thanked Your Nurse Today?

Today marks the beginning of National Nurses Week. A time of year when nurses are recognized for all their hard work and dedication to their profession.

Or it’s just another week.

Either way, please…..thank a nurse next week. Don’t worry if you think it’s not enough. It is. Bedside nursing can be a thankless job, one filled with overflowing bedpans, dirty commodes, a myriad of medications, impatient families and patients. We carry on. We come to work every single day with one goal in mind: give our patients the best care we can provide. Even if the best care comes in the form of a hug, a smile or a listening ear.

No. Nursing isn’t easy. We all knew that when we signed up for it. But, deep down, those of us who choose this profession love it. We love it enough to know that it’s really the only thing we will ever do. We can’t imagine doing anything else.

So, take this week to reach out to a nurse, any nurse. Thank them for their hard work, whether it’s a nurse who directly cared for you or a family member or a friend who happens to be a nurse. We are grateful for every single thank you we receive.

I could have taken a more cynical approach to this post, but I’ll save that material for another time. Just know this: in my fantastical imagination, the best Nurses Week celebration would include not lavish gifts, but only one thing:

Bedside nurses get the week off.

Management takes over all bedside duties.

A nurse can dream, right?


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