Friends With Benefits

This isn’t the usual use of the term “friends with benefits”.


This phrase describes people that all share friendship, whether online, in person or via any other means of communication and they all manage to have a darker side. The benefits are well, sometimes twisted, sometimes perverse, sometimes fucking hilarious, but always entertaining.

I am a member of a secret group on Facebook that is a place where we can all get together, no judgments, no worries and say whatever we want, however we want and post the same. Talk about liberating. In this time of smarmy passive-aggressive bullshit on Facebook and other social media outlets, this group has singlehandedly brought me back to the belly of the beast (Facebook). It’s refreshing to be able to launch a post literally FULL of f-bombs, mention the word “cunt” without reprisal and vent about a shitty day.

Most of us are parents, hold jobs we love and hate at the same time, married, single, divorced, looking, horny, and let it all hang out. We are all six degrees separated from one another, and honestly, I’ve never met most of them in person. And, it doesn’t matter. What a refreshing change of pace, to be able to honestly talk about topics that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day on Facebook. Sex, deviant sex, fetishisms, nudity, vulgarity, and all the rest of the shit that we feel like discussing.

The shared love of being honest with each other makes anything else seem irrelevant, like religion, parenting, politics. Those things just don’t matter.

I invite YOU to start a group with the same goal. I guarantee you’ll save a fuckload on therapy.


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